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One Minute Gallery 50268798

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One Minute Gallery 50268798

The main goal of the “One-Minute Gallery” is to provide a unique and engaging visual experience, condensed into a brief time span of 60 seconds. The project aims to capture the viewer’s attention, evoke curiosity, and convey a minimalistic style in a dynamic and immediate format.

The One-Minute Gallery is conceived as an intense and breathtaking experience, in a continuous flow of images. The creative concept is based on the idea of condensing time without compromising visual quality, offering a comprehensive and captivating overview.

With this project, I aim to experiment with the perception of time and provide an immersive experience that allows viewers to delve into the artistic world within a short time frame. The One-Minute Gallery is an attempt to convey the essence of images quickly, engagingly, and emotionally.

5 Style – Black, White, Stone, Wood, Brick

20 Placeholders


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