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Gift Box 3D. UHD. 100 Presets 32391532

We will buy you the latest version along with the activation code


    • Ultra HD resolution (3840×2160)
    • After Effects CC 13.0+
    • Extension to load presets (AE CC 13.1+)
    • 100 ready for use presets
    • 50 popular color palettes (5 colors)
    • 3D pre-rendered nice animation
    • Realistic shadows and reflections
    • Customizable colors, textures, reflections etc
    • Smart textures: customizable squares, circles, lines, checker, triangles
    • Custom textures for box and ground
    • Customizable Logo Tile for box textures
    • Textures included: marble, wood, reflected environment, 100 dollars, cash wad side
    • 4 type of gift content: car, phone, money, custom image


Car:  make 3D from your photo with couple of clicks

Phone:  procedural 3D image of smartphone from iPhone to any Android model. Bubbles image included.

Money:  3D wad, 100 dollars image included or use you own texture

Custom image:  Use any static or animated text, logo or any image with alpha

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