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Mobile Online Shopping 28965753

  1. Two versions of the project. In the project “online shopping_3_v_2” you can easily change the words “shop” and “sale” or delete them.
  2. The name of the font used – Bebas Neue (TT) regular
  3. Animation and shadows with alpha channel.
  4. There is a loop in the video. From 5 to 19 sec. Or 150 – 570 frames. The project has markers on the timeline that indicate the beginning and end of the loop. If you need to extend the video, you can cut and duplicate this video fragment.
  5. This video is divided into 3 parts. Start from 0 – 5 sec. Loop 5 – 19 sec. End 19 – 28 sec.
  6. Added ID render to the video. You can use it to edit the color of each animation element.
  7. You can easily replace the icons and smartphone screen with any other. You can place your logo easily.
  8. Some layers, such as null objects and the camera are locked, so as not to accidentally break the animation loop, camera movement and position, and animation of null objects. But, you can easily unlock them.
  9. The project does not use third-party plugins.
  10. Help File included
  11. Audio file is NOT included in the project
  12. ID 13597415 audio used in preview
  13. After effects CC2013
  14. If you have any problems with the project, please write me a message.
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