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AeScripts – 3D Modeler

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AeScripts – 3D Modeler

  • Extrude solid, shape, text and transparent layers.
  • Create 3D cubes, origami shapes, and other geometric forms.
  • Generate all kinds of complete and incomplete pyramids.
  • Carving and surface changes created by masking.
  • Apply textures to the 3D models you create.
  • Simplified controls for customizing: color, depth, rotation angle and more.
  • Use masks to selectively extrude or manipulate specific surfaces.
  • Perform beveling, chamfering, and other modifications.
  • You can easily convert any polygon in the form of solid, shape, text and transparency layers into 3D volumes.
  • After that, you can extrude any of the created surfaces. Select the desired surface, confirm the depth and offset value and click the generate button again.
  • Also, with the “Change in surface” button, you can make your changes with the mask and then extrude it (inner or outer).
  • After the modeling process, you can texture the created surface in groups or individually.
  • After the modeling process, you can easily texture the created surfaces.
  • Texturing of created surfaces can be done individually and in groups.
  • Select the desired surface and click on the texturing button.
  • The corresponding surface will be precomped and an area for texturing will appear for you.
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