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Character Animation Kit 22352086

≡ Features:

  • Compatible with Premiere Pro 2018 and more recent versions.
  • Important note from Adobe: When using this motion graphics template in Premiere Pro, the same version of Adobe After Effects is required to be installed on the same computer. This can be installed in either full or trial version and it will continue to work normally once the trial period expires.
  • Additional Notes: Note that Motion Graphics in Premiere Pro could be quite demanding, more than normal editing, especially on your graphics card. It is best to try one of the pre-installed essential graphics templates before purchasing, in order to make sure that your computer runs smoothly.
  • 10 Pre-Made Characters.
  • Completely easy to use Character Maker . Character design have never been easier!
  • 100+ Loopable Animations
  • Animation can be stacked one after the other to create one continuous story!
  • 150+ Professionally Designed Images
  • Including: 10 head shape options, 38 head accessories, 8 body shape options, 14 clothes accessories, 76 scene design elements and more!
  • Simple Tools offering complete control: adjust arms, legs and neck thickness, sleeve length, pants length, skin colors, clothes and more!
  • Character Creator included.
  • Completely modular: create any story of any length.
  • Easy to use.
  • No plugins needed.
  • Final output in up to 4K UHD Resolution!
  • Use any duration with any scene.
  • Friendly interface.
  • Easy to follow 5 step video tutorial included.
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