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Collage Stories Toolbox 45139886

Collage Stories Toolbox is a hand craft project dedicated to your collage artworks. Two ratios are included ( Horizontal 4k and vertical). You can use one to the 5 premade stories ( from 18 sec to 1min12) or completely create your own story from scratch.
80 “collage” elements are included ( list below) and you can easily add your own objects. Overlay filters are included ( scratch, simili halftone) and the background is randomly generated to ensure diversity. You can create slideshows or just text stories. Give an organic feel to your object. Something real, something raw. Collage is the way…

• 80 Collage elements (backgrounds, animals, people, objects, etc..)
• Overlay effect
• 2 ratios (horizontal 4k and vertical 1080×1920)
• 5 pre-made stories
• Easy customisation
• No Plug-ins required
• From 18 sec to 1min 12

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