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SRT Subtitle Importer 35266176

SRT Subtitle Importer (V 2.0):

This Script Creates Text and Rectangle Layer According to the srt content and timecodes.

Two Versions Included:

V1.1: Create Separate text layers for each block of srt file (Take more time)

V2.0: Create One Text layer with many markers (Each marker for a block of srt file) (Fast Method)



  • After Effects CC 16.x (2019) and newer
  • Mac and Win supported
  • Fast render (optimized expressions)
  • Universal (AE with any language supported)
  • Controller for the look of caption and BG rectangle
  • Controller for speed of animations
  • RTL languages for subtitle supported.
  • Step by Step Tutorial Included
  • You can set different animations to text and rectangle (fade, type writer, linear wipe, random characters)
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