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Storybook Scenes / Popup Book Kit 27148370

Bring your images to life using Storybook Scenes pre-built 2D and 3D templates. Includes storybook, popup book, carousel, scrapbook, pinwheel, multi-layered pinwheel, dollhouse and rotating sphere. Simply drag and drop your imagery and text to quickly create dynamic story sequences.

  • Exclusively for Adobe After Effects (Regular updates require latest version)
  • Comes with detailed Video Tutorial ← Preview kit before you purchase!
  • The Storybook Scenes Kit provides storytelling structure for your imagery.
  • Features 8 pre-designed 2D and 3D templates:

    1. Storybook
    2. Popup Book
    3. Carousel
    4. Scrapbook
    5. Pinwheel
    6. Multi-Layered Pinwheel
    7. Dollhouse
    8. Rotating Sphere

Storybook Scenes / Popup Book Kit - 2

Storybook Scenes / Popup Book Kit - 3

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