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Tribute Piano Memories 4110162

Tribute Piano Memories 4110162


  • First Scene – The Curvy Piano
  • Second Scene – The Horizontal Piano (time remapped in the final comp)
  • Third Scene – The Circular Piano, and its “Build up”
  • Fourth Scene – The Horizontal Piano in Front View(Right before the last image appears)
  • Fifth Scene – The 2 Symmetrical Pianos “Zoomout” (time remapped in the final comp)
  • Wiper Transition – Circular / Horizontal Piano wiper with an Alpha Channel

Render time is around 1.5 Hours on an Early 2011 Macbook Pro Intel i7 with 8gb


  • CS4 Project, 24 FPS.
  • 1:30 Minutes Long, 8 Photo Placeholders (5 Square Pixel, 3 Landscape) over 14 Text Placeholders.
  • Plugin-free, although an Optical Flares version IS included.
  • Separate Passes: Ambient Occlusion, Diffusion, Specular, Reflection, Shadow and Depth
  • 5 Modular Scenes which you can mix or re use. Additional 1 Wiper and 1 Title card
  • Synced to a beautiful sound track “Little Wings” by Bluegestalt
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