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Deekay Rigging & Motion

Motion Design School Courses: Deekay Rigging & Motion

Deekay Tool: Rigging & Motion is an After Effects course focused on character rigging and animation. This course will expand the range of tools and techniques to make awesome character animation. Over this course, you will learn how to create and customize shapes. You’ll also learn the importance of parenting and expressions in rigging.

The course isn’t aimed at showing you the only correct way to work on projects, but its purpose is teaching you good practices and techniques
to form your own unique approach to projects wherever you work.

This course requires a basic knowledge of After Effects, so it’s perfect for animators and motion designers that know their way around the software but need that extra push to give more flavor to their animations.

  • Level: Basic
  • Format: MP4
  • Lessons: 28
  • Duration: 6h+
  • Required Software: Adobe After Effects
  • Language: English
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