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Womp & After Effects

Motion Design School Courses: Womp & After Effects

Dive into the freshest approach to motion design with us, where we’ll explore groundbreaking techniques that simply weren’t possible until now. Imagine blending the charm of 2D, the fluidity of frame-by-frame, and the depth of 3D animation all within After Effects.

What is the Womp & After Effects Course about?

Have you ever dreamed of doing everything in After Effects, from frame-
by-frame animation to creating incredible 3D animations that look like they were made in actual 3D software? With the newest update, enhancing your 3D animation skills in AE is now a reality.

In exclusive collaboration with the Womp team, we’ve crafted a unique approach that lets you create the most astonishing animations inside
After Effects. We’ve developed our own plugins, which will be provided absolutely free and with lifetime access, to elevate your animation to the highest level.

Inspired by the renowned artist h_tabasi, you will train on his animations, discovering new dimensions and possibilities that After Effects can offer today. From 3D animation sequences to crafting 3D limbs that aid in rigging 3D characters inside AE, you’re in for a transformative learning experience.


  • Level: Beginner-Pro
  • Format: Online
  • Lessons: 8
  • Duration: 9h+
  • Required Software: Womp, After Effects
  • Language: English
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