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Rive – Interactive Motion Era


Motion Design School Courses: Rive – Interactive Motion After Effects Course

Discover the web-based software revolutionizing interactive experiences. Create UI buttons, icons, text, HUDs, game menus, and more with any vector or raster illustration. Experience character interactions or even craft entire games.


What is this Rive course about?

Rive – Interactive Motion Era course is your gateway to mastering Rive, the cutting-edge web-based software that’s transforming the world of interactive experiences. Whether you’re looking to create dynamic UI buttons, icons, text, HUDs, game menus, or more.

Seamlessly export your designs to any website, mobile app, or integrate them into game engines like Unity. Plus, become a part of the vibrant Rive community by uploading your works to the Rive library, where you can explore and learn from a plethora of project files right on the website.

Our comprehensive curriculum covers everything from using bones, constraints, and joysticks for nuanced character control, to mixing and blending animations for rich, fluid movements. Learn how to set up parallax rigs, utilize nested artboards, and leverage events for interactive storytelling. We’ll even guide you through assembling characters in a room and orchestrating interactions between all elements.


  • Level: Beginner-Pro
  • Format: MP4
  • Lessons: 8
  • Duration: 7h+
  • Required Software: Rive
  • Language: English


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