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KSelector Script | Multiple Keys Selection 29731886

KSelector Script | Multiple Keys Selection 29731886
KSelector is easy to use script, which allows to select keys among several layers. For example, you can select:
  • All position keys in the composition, which height is less than 0.
  • All keys with coordinates outside the composition.
  • All rotation keys in the composition within 2 frames before and after current time slider position.
  • Select all X position keys, which are less than 100 and Z position keys, which are from 500 to 1000.
Some notes:
  • Currently it does not work with effects and mask keys. This and other features will be added later.
  • It select a keys in addition to already selected keys. So if don’t need previous selection to be added to current, you must deselect the previous selection first.
  • Tested with AE 2014-2020, windows version.
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