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New Year 9711885

≡ Features:

Full HD Resolution – 1920×1080 / 24fps / 20 sec.〉 No plug-ins required.

Very fast render time. About 11 minutes on I7.

There are 9 placeholders where you can add your content. The “Happy New Year” text (you can type anything), the 6 signs, the logo and the logo text at the end. To add your content just drag and drop it inside the placeholder composition.

Easily change the colors of the lights (each number separately), the cloth, Bobby’s body, eyes, teeth and the fireworks that reveal the logo. It’s also possible to adjust the colors of the sky and snow.

The signs can be removed if you don’t need them.

The year number cannot be changed, but it will be updated to 2022 before the next Christmas season.

Audio – All sound effects are included. The music is not included.
Unfortunately the portfolio of the artist who created the music is no longer available on Audiojungle.

The font used in the preview is free. There is a download link in the documentation.

PDF Documentation included.

Video tutorials included.uired.

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Product Features:

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