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Online Education Lecturer Training 31143056

Videohive – Online Education Lecturer Training Course 31143056


  1. Animation resolution 1920×3431 and 1920×1080. You can easily do anything else. And also adapt the vertical for mobile devices.
  2. This tamplate is unique in that almost all objects are separate from each other. All objects on the table, including all plants, can be easily excluded from animation. You can easily turn off the display of any object.
  3. All separate objects with their own shadow, which can be turned off or changed its saturation.
  4. You can easily add 3D objects using the Element 3D plugin. Additional null objects have been added to the template to determine the position of objects in space. Position of table, wall, smartphone screen, monitor. These null objects will help you position your items correctly.
  5. Animation without background with shadows with alpha channel.
  6. All individual objects can be moved to another location if necessary. It’s really cool!
  7. There are 20 looped animations in the project, which you can easily swap or duplicate to increase the total duration of the animation.
  8. The lecturer has two lip animations. Animation of the talk of the lecturer and animation of the silence of the lecturer. You can easily turn on or off the animation of the lecturer’s conversation with an adjustment layer called “lips talk / silent.”
  9. The project has markers on the timeline indicating the start and end of the cycle. If you need to expand the video, you can duplicate the required loop. You can easily do this in a composition called “1080×3431”.
  10. The animation is divided into 3 parts. 1 – Start animation. 2 – 20 looped animations of lector. 3 – end of animation.
  11. Added corrective compositions that allow you to quickly change the colors of lector.
  12. You can easily replace the smartphone screen with any other.
  13. You can easily replace the monitor screen with any other. You can easily place your logo or other video, animation. Also you can edit it
  14. You can place your logo on the lecturer’s tablet
  15. Some layers, which are marked in red, such as null objects, camera, objects, are locked so as not to accidentally interrupt the animation cycle, camera movement and position, as well as animation of null objects. But you can easily unlock them.
  16. Some layers are hidden so that there is no clutter and confusion with the layers. But you can easily display them.
  17. In the composition, all layers are divided by type. Each type has its own color. Green is the main graphics. Blue – masks. Orange – shadows from objects. Red – a camera, zero objects, objects whose movement can break the cycle. Yellow – vector or bitmap graphics. Purple – compositions with text. Cyan – layers that edit the colors of objects.
  18. The name of the font used is “Bebas Neue (TT) regular” and “Century Gothic”.
  19. The project does not use third-party plugins.
  20. Help file included
  21. The audio file is NOT included in the project.
  22. After Effects CS6
  23. If you have any problems with the project, please write to me.
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