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Online Job and Online Education 30357786

Online Job and Online Education 30357786

  1. Animation with place for your text and logo.
  2. Sample text is present only in the preview. It is not in the original video.
  3. There is a loop in the video. You will find 3 different looped animations. If you need to extend the video, you can duplicate this looped animations.
  4. In the archive you will find 6 videos. 1- the beginning of the animation. 2 – is the first animation loop. 3 – is the second looped animation. 4 – is the third looped animation. 5 – end of animation. 6 – ID render for editing the color of individual animation elements.
  5. Added ID render to the video. You can use it to edit the color of each animation element.
  6. If you have any problems, or questions with the video, please write me a message.
  7. first animation loop.

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