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Roman Empire Map 34340767

The project contains a map of the Roman Empire during the reign of Trajan. Project features:

  • The project is ready to use.
  • The borders of the Roman Empire are drawn very accurately and correspond to 117 AD.
  • You can select a province from the list and set the range of camera animation using markers.
  • Latin names of provinces used:
    • Achaia, Aegyptus, Africa Proconsularis, Alpes Cottidae, Alpes Maritimae, Alpes Poeniae, Aquitania, Arabia, Armenia, Asia, Baetica, Baleares, Belgica, Bitynia et Pontus, Britannia, Cappadocia, Cilicia, Corsica, Cyrenaica, Crete, Cyprus, Dacia, Dalmatia, Galatia, Germania Inferior, Germania Superior, Italia, Judea, Lycia Et Pamphylia, Lugdunensis, Lusitania, Macedonia, Mauretania Caesariensis, Mauretania Tingitana, Mesopotamia, Moesia Inferior, Moesia Superior, Narbonensis, Noricum, Pannonia Inferior, Pannonia Superior, Raetia, Sardinia, Sicilia, Syria, Tarraconensis, Thracia.

Roman Empire Map - 1

  • The project is compatible with all language versions of After Effects.
  • The duration of the scenes can be any length of time.
  • FULL HD resolution (1920×1080).
  • CS 2015 and above.
  • No plugins.
  • Universal expressions.
  • Each scene has its own control layer to separately change the color and style of the provinces and the entire scene.
  • Fast preview.
  • Fast render.
  • Help file PDF included.
  • No music included. Music track by contourchromatic here: Ancient World
  • The font used in the project: Inknut Antiqua
  • Video footages from preview here

Roman Empire Map - 2

Roman Empire Map - 4


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