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Santa – Christmas Magic 9 49228034

Santa – Christmas Magic 9:

  • Compatible with old versions of After Effects (for After Effects CS4 and newer).
  • Full HD Resolution – 1920×1080 / 24fps
  • No plug-ins required.
  • The visible sides of the box are placeholders. Change what is printed on the box with your own design. The design of the box that comes with the projects is in a PDF vector format. If you like you can open it in a vector editor application and change it.
  • You can create custom “Clipboard” animations.(where the camera is facing the clipboard)
    There are some hand/arm animations and poses included that can be combined to create custom animations like writing, checking off, stamping.
    To create such animations it requires some manual keyframing and mask animation (video tutorial included). If you find it difficult or you don’t have the time you can just use the included premade scenes like the cam2_Anim/static (Santa just look at a static content on the clipboard) or cam2_Anim/ stamp (where you just need to adjust the position of the stamp on your static content on the clipboard).
  • The part where the camera is facing Santa in the stall is split into modules. This way you can choose when and how many times Santa flips a page, stamps it or makes the magic. You just need to order the included composition in a sequence.
    For example – begin, page_flip, clipboard camera (where you can customize what Santa writes and the content of the clipboard page), then back to the main camera, stamp, flip page, make magic, pick the box and run away.
  • Easily change the colors of the different parts of Santa (hat,coat,beard etc.). The colors of the magic elements, some decorations, counter top, pen, clipboard etc.
  • All sound effects are included. The music is not included.
    You can get it HERE “Jingle Bells Upbeat ” by guitarsstate.
  • The fonts used in the preview are free. There are download links in the documentation.
  • Video tutorials included.
  • PDF documentation included.
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